Saturday, June 28, 2003

Last of the Independents


A good man, a bad move, and then all Hell breaks loose: Cole Claudle was just one big score away from his happily-ever-after when everything went off the rails, and fast.

Now, one man's last shot at the American Dream becomes the first shotgun blast in a mob ware halfway between Vegas and nowhere.
Last of the Independents

Matt Fraction, Kieron Dwyer
ISBN: 1-932051-14-7
$12.95 104 pages
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Diamond Order Number: APR03 1915
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"The Forces of Good are many things, speaking through a single filter. They make music which is modulated and recombined from the intravenous oil at the heart of the City of London. The Forces of Good are a battle against the queasy grey arm of the bore. This site is the forefront of that struggle. The F.O.G. project is part of a larger project to save the Earth from destruction by over-wrought pop songs and ugly plastic gibberish. If you fight for what is right then you must defend the sonic faith by downloading the F.O.G. tracks. Anyway..."

Excellent Stuff. I recommend "trans elation 1" & "like a normal genius" elation 1.mp3 a normal genius.mp3

Gothic and Lolita bibles from Japan.

The house that looks like it came from the video game Riven is in San Juan, btw.