Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Steve D. from the Ultraculture-LA group had some interesting points about what I'm considering at the moment

The first of which involved a citing from Einstein's Meaning of Relativity

"By the aid of language, different individuals can, to a certain
extent, compare their experiences. There, it turns out, that certain
sense perceptions of different individuals correpsond to each other,
while for other sense perceptions no such correspondence can be
established. We are accustomed to regard as real those sense
perceptions which are common to different individuals, and which
therefore are , in a measure, impersonal. The natural sciences, and
in particular, the most fundamental of them, physics, deal with such
sense pereceptions.... The only justification for our concepts and
system of concepts is that they serve to represent the complex of our
experiences. Beyond this, they have no legitamacy."

...two things come to mind when reading this:

- Internal/External: How much of my thinking about Art & Synethesia is based on internal observation vs "Comparing notes" with others?
- Objective/Subjective:What do I consider "Reality" and what don't I?

technorati tag

- I've decided that my Livejournal will primarily showcase Arts-Fartsy people and related websites that I dig.

- My Blogger now will be striclty for research, making connections in various things that I am checking out. I remember Everett Hoagland saying in a UMD course that Poetry is about making connections....although I haven't written Poetry in quite awhile, I believe what I'm interested in is related.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Every other Friday, my wife and I go to the Brand bookstore in Glendale after dinner.

One night I ask indyrock night manager if they happen to have any new comics in.
(...not indy like franz ferdinand...indy like "we recorded our record at Fort Apache.")

Turns out the new comic that was in was his own book, Burying Sandwiches, which he won the Xeric for.

I bought it, and was thoroughly impressed with his illustration style and twisted sense of humor.

Sato is still working on his website, but you can order his book through Last Gasp:

or at

Brand Bookstore
231 N. Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA