Friday, August 21, 2009

A Tale Of Two Cities

Here's the artists' invite to A Tale Of Two Cities, an art exhibit focusing on Lizzie Borden and co-curated by Sonic Nova & Susan Hauck at Gallery X.

And here's the flyer for the current group exhibit at Gallery X:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sonic News

Sonic Nova now has a piece in the Gallery X group show, on display until August 30th.

And here's a clip of Nova as Count Orlock on Penny Dreadful's Thanksgiving special:

Dr.Sketchy's LA 8.16.09

Here's a sketch from the Dr. Sketchy LA session on 8.16.09 at the Medusa Lounge. I switched over to Newsprint and China Markers for this session. I feel a little better about the sense of force on this one, but I really have to bone up on anatomy.

Norma & Margie 2009 redux

One of my longterm projects is an update to Norma & Margie, a short animation I did with a crew of talented characters a few years ago. New Stuff:

Here's a page of the new storyboards for Scene 1. I'm adding more shots for better continuity.

Here's the redesign for Gutch. The problem with the original was that the design for the profile didn't match the front view. At the bottom right is the original design.

Friday, August 07, 2009

DSLA 8.2.09

Here are some sketches from the Dr. Sketchy's LA session at Billy Shire Fine Arts on 8.2.09. I'm trying to get the figures to have a sense of gravity, and a better sense of gesture, so I've been backing off on the Chiarascuro.