Thursday, July 17, 2003



Homicide Detective Sarah Bentley is trying to stop a serial killer with a penchant for mutilation. When her superiors try to sweep the killings under the rug, she turns to a walking anachronism who calls himself a "Demon Hunter." Sarah doesn't believe in demons, but as he's the only one willing to help her, it's a point she doesn't have time to argue.
The killer has chosen his next victim, and Sarah will take whatever works.

Debuting this summer, Killing Demons is an experiment in urban horror written by Peter Siegel, illustrated by Brent White, designed for print by Matt Fraction and edited by Kelly Sue DeConnick. You don't need to believe, just keep your back away from the door.

In the meantime, please enjoy this free online preview, which contains a complete thirteen-page story detailing a day in Demon Hunter Joshua Brand's childhood, some twenty-five years ago...

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