Sunday, November 26, 2006

Echo Park

About a month ago I had a brilliant idea; get back into skating...despite the fact that I'm 34, and stopped skating regularly when I was 19 - right when street skating really got big (see H Street). Back then I lived in Fall River, a sleepy hallow south of Boston famous for Lizzie Borden, Emeril, and Hank the angry dwarf. Now I live in Echo Park.

I guess you'd call Echo Park a borough in you lived in New York. A gritty bunch of hills and broken sidewalks off of Sunset Blvd., Echo Park is a demolition derby of arthouse, poor house, and hot chicks with ugly boots.

Today's session was just a trip to the ATM and lunch at Chango, where I always have the roasted veggie sandwich, and always forget to say no olives. The afternoon heat and traffic kept me off-balance; I didn't really land anything until I got home, throwing down some bonelesses in the cul-de-sac near my house. The next session will probably be at night.

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