Tuesday, December 26, 2006

two stereos wrapped in an old t-shirt

I haven't had the time to skate much recently with the pre-Christmas bullshit bottleneck, but last week I managed to get out for a bit, and get an early Christmas present to boot. Ursula was occupied with Christmas shopping on Saturday, so I skated to Chango’s again for some lunch, then headed to Sunset Blvd. Along the way I see two 45 symbols from Stereo thrown up near the House of Spirits. I happen to ride a Stereo myself.

Skating around Sunset and Echo Park Blvd. was fun, so I decide to make my way down to the parking blocks in front of the 4100 bar that I always spy on my work commute. Unfortunately, it starts raining – hard – so I start to walk back home. As I walk past the fire station to cross the street, Chris Pastras rolls up to the corner. We talk for a second, and he actually gets out of his rig in the rain and gives me a deck from the trunk. Not only is this supercool, but pretty ironic, considering every time I skate kids ask me for gear; if you're old and on a board they assume you're a pro.

I trudged the rest of the way home, two stereos in hand, wrapped in an old t-shirt.

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