Thursday, December 17, 2009

Batman by Sonic Nova - Final

Here's the final version of Sonic Nova's Batman. Originally I wanted the coloring to have a modern look, along the lines of Dave Stewart's work on Hellboy. But I soon discovered that it was difficult to apply modeled coloring to this particular drawing. Flat colors were the only thing that seemed to work. I might try coloring a chiaroscuro drawing next time around for better results. There were quite a few phases for this one, but here are the phases that actually mattered:

-original pencil sketch by Sonic Nova
-redrafted pencils to alter the perspective.
-digital inks with Adobe Illustrator.
-graytone drawing in Photoshop to establish values.
-rough colors in Photoshop.
-final colors in Photoshop by Ursula (because I'm slightly color-blind.)

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